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Mosolov’s Suitcase

A hybrid narrative-documentary exploration of Alexander Mosolov: composer, bad-boy dandy, and forgotten genius of the Soviet avant garde. Kirill Emelyanov, nominated for a Best New Actor César (French Oscar) in 2015, has been cast as the mercurial Mosolov. The film takes a groundbreaking hybrid narrative-documentary approach, with principal photography set to begin March 2018 on-location in Moscow.

For a decade, beginning in the 1920s, Mosolov was the foremost composer of the Russian avant-garde. A dandy and hard drinker, he developed a reputation for bar fights, love affairs, and professional rivalries. Following his imprisonment and eventual banishment from Moscow in the Stalinist Purges, Mosolov reinvented himself in the Steppes of central Asia. But not before he smuggled his musical scores to the West, reporting them missing in an infamous "stolen suitcase".

The soundtrack features the world premiere recording of Mosolov's 5th Symphony, conducted for the production by Arthur Arnold and performed by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

Directed by Matthew Mishory.

In collaboration with Iconoclastic Features. Produced by Alvaro Fernandez and Max Gutbrod.

In pre-production. Begins filming in Moscow in March 2018.
Production announcement. // IMDB.

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