Artur Schnabel: No Place of Exile

Presented by RBB and Arte.

Artur Schnabel: No Place of Exile is a cinematic and musical portrait of one of the twentieth century’s iconic musicians and composers. Through Schnabel’s music (performed at a major commemorative concert in Berlin by pianist Markus Pawlik, singer Dietrich Henschel, and the Szymanowski String Quartet) and letters (to his wife Therese Behr and long-time confidante Mary Virginia Foreman), the film reveals an essential artist displaced by the catastrophe of the two World Wars and the Holocaust and inspired by the possibilities of modernism.

Directed by Matthew Mishory.

A Light on Shadow motion picture in co-production with 3B-Produktion in association with Monolithic Films and Iconoclastic Features.

Available now on Amazon Prime.

Coming to Medici on July 15, 2019.

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