Wittgenstein’s Repertoire

The madness of war cost pianist Paul Wittgenstein his right arm. Wittgenstein's incredible life gave music a new repertoire.

This is a film about Paul Wittgenstein, who as a result of great personal suffering, commissioned the most distinguished composers of his day to create the left hand alone piano repertoire. It is also the story of subsequent pianists (Leon Fleisher in the 1960s and Keith Porter-Snell today) who have, despite -- or perhaps because of -- physical handicaps, perpetuated and enhanced that repertoire.

Bringing to light important works hidden away for decades in archives and desk drawers, the film presents overlooked masterpieces of 20th century music, calling into question established notions of the relationship between disability and art.

Directed by Matthew Mishory.
Co-Produced with KPS Productions.
Currently in production.

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